online surveys

High quality data & more respondents

SirV are the survey experts. Both in the online technology as well as in formulating questions precisely. We'll improve your survey and make sure that the data gathered is of a high quality. Optimizing the survey means that fewer respondents will drop out, giving you a higher response rate.

When we review your survey we will focus on the following:

  • Is the language easy to understand?

    People often use complex language or jargon when creating surveys. Or use abbreviations which may seem easy to understand for the person creating the question but can be unfamiliar to the general public.

  • Are the questions formulated to optimize effectiveness?

    You must formulate questions in a clear, unambiguous way to avoid multiple interpretations.

  • How logical are the sequencing of the questions and the structure of the survey?

    If a survey does not have a logical, easy-to-follow structure, the respondent will not fully understand the purpose of the survey. This can cause drop-outs.

We will optimize your complete survey.

SirV on a mobile phone
SirV also offers all necessary technical resources to improve the quality and response rate:
  • Our surveys are easy to use because of our unique click-and-slide method.
  • Respondents can fill out our surveys on a regular computer, mobile phone, or a tablet computer. The appearance of SirV will be adapted automatically so that the layout is optimized for the device used.
  • We support all browsers and operating systems; Windows, Mac, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. Even text-based browsers can be used.
  • SirV uses advanced techniques to create an optimal user experience...
  • ...but it can even be used with browsers and devices which don't support JavaScript or CSS.
  • Respondents receive automatic reminders by e-mail if they do not complete the survey within the specified timeframe.
  • The layout of your survey will match your company house style, making it easily recognizable for respondents.
  • Our software is completely fool-proof – respondents cannot make any mistakes!
  • We guarantee the security of your data. We use encrypted connections and we've developed management software capable of automatically recognizing any abuse of your survey.